Marsons Build Your Business Program

Media @ Marsons offers access to its enterprise Build Your Business Program. This program has been designed to be an all-in-one business development platform that sets up a new business from scratch that you own completely. This program teaches you how to generate tens of thousands of dollars in monthly revenue and thousands of dollars in monthly profit.

Program Structure

Initiation Call

The program starts with an initiation call where we take you through the program process. We also measure your suitability with the program, explain the investments and risks involved, share information on how the business will be built, and answer any questions you may have about the program.

The cost of this initial call is $50.

However, if you do not succeed in getting on boarded to the program, we will refund this amount. If you are onboarded to the program, we will adjust this cost in the program fee.

Access to the Marsons BYB Program

Once you are through from the initial call, we will offer you the chance to get on boarded to the BYB Program.  

The cost of this program is $499 which comes with access to the platform for 1 year.  

In the platform, you will gain access to our enterprise content created specifically to teach you:

How we will build your lead and sales generation system

How to speak to prospects and convert them into clients

How to scale your business to tens of thousands in monthly revenue

We will also have 1-1 calls with you to structure your business that suits you and the market and get it up running in the least amount of time. 

You will have one year to learn the process and decide when you want to proceed to the next stage. 

Business Setup

Once we have created your business plan and have identified the niche and target market, we will initiate the business setup process. This usually involves setting up the following:

Legal Business Setup (Company, LLC, etc.)

Digital Infrastructure (Website, Agency Profile)

Payment Infrastructure (PayPal, Stripe, Business Bank Account)

Sales Funnel (Landing Pages, PPC campaigns, etc.)

Work Portfolio (Case studies, proof of work, etc.)

Once these things have been established, your business will be ready to start generating leads. Given the training from the BYB Platform, you will be equipped to handle the sales calls and start converting prospects into customers. 

The cost of this service is $2,000 a month. This does not include the cost that will go directly to platforms we will use, such as Google PPC, Upwork Connects, Meta Ads, etc.  

This process takes around 2 months. 

Subscription to the Marsons Business Concierge

The concierge service is the first of its kind in the world support mechanism for digital businesses that have five figures or more in monthly revenues. This system is the cornerstone of why your business will success in the highly competitive yet insanely lucrative market of digital services. 

The concierge service will enable you to utilize Media @ Marsons established service delivery systems to produce, streamline, manage, and deliver the services you will acquire through your new business. 

This service operates on a prepaid credit system. Our partners acquire credits in advance based on the expected flow of their sales and service contracts. We deliver the services for their clients against available credits. Partners can acquire more credits at any time if their sales increase at a higher-than-expected rate. 

The concierge service also exists to offer support to your business in any way it may need to function, scale, and handle unanticipated risks. 

Partners can acquire credits in multiples of $500.

Partner Evaluation Criteria

Partners must satisfy at least 3 of the following 5 requirements to derive the maximum benefit from this program.

1. Background Experience

a. Experience in the chosen service portfolio.
b. Experience can be from a past or current job, internship, or having worked on a project related to chosen niche.

2. Interest and Passion

a. Passion for specific industries or technologies.
b. Engagement in related projects, hobbies, or volunteer work.

3. Education and Certifications

a. Relevant degrees or certifications.
b. Example: Marketing, business, computer science, IT, design, or multimedia.

4. Communication Skills

a. Ability to explain industry-specific concepts clearly.
b. Experience in sales or client-facing roles.

5. Industry-Specific Knowledge

a. Awareness of industry trends and challenges.
b. Understanding of target audience needs.

Additionally, and because of where the highest probability is of generating sales figures north of $25,000 a month, partners who are residents of the following countries have greater chances of success. 

United States


United Kingdom


The European Union

United Arab Emirates


Our BYB Platform has powerful resources as well as options to book training sessions to help you learn how to: 

Conduct sales calls in person or online

Run an online business remotely

Invest in the start to build up the business

Types of Business in the BYB Program

Each business we help build revolves around offering services to individuals, charities, brands, and governments in your country. These services include: 

1. Digital Marketing

  • SEO (On-Page, Off-Page, Technical, Local) 
  • PPC (Google Ads, Social Media Ads, Display Advertising, Retargeting) 
  • Content Marketing (Blog Writing, Video Content, Infographics, E-books/Whitepapers) 
  • Social Media Marketing (Strategy, Management, Advertising, Community Engagement) 
  • Influencer Marketing (Identification, Campaign Management, Performance Tracking) 
  • Email Marketing (Strategy, Design, List Management, Reporting) 
  • Affiliate Marketing (Partner Recruitment, Commission Management, Performance Monitoring) 
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) (A/B Testing, User Behavior Analysis, Landing Page Optimization) 
  • Analytics and Reporting (Web Analytics, Campaign Performance, Data Visualization) 
  • Branding (Strategy, Identity, Messaging) 
  • Lead Generation (Lead Magnets, Landing Pages, Email Funnels) 
  • Product Sales (E-commerce Integration, Online Store Management, Sales Analytics) 

2. Web Apps

  • Development (Front End: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Frameworks; Backend: Server-Side Languages, Databases, API Development; Full Stack) 
  • Design (Responsive Design, Graphic Design, UI/UX) 
  • Quality Control (Manual, Automated Testing, Bug Tracking) 
  • Wireframing and Prototyping (Low-Fidelity, High-Fidelity) 
  • Deployment and Maintenance (CI/CD, Hosting, Server Management, Bug Fixes, Performance Optimization) 

3. Mobile Apps

  • Development (iOS: Swift, Objective-C; Android: Java, Kotlin; Cross-Platform: React Native, Flutter) 
  • Design (Mobile UI/UX, Interface Design, User Experience Testing) 
  • Testing (Functional, Usability) 
  • Deployment (App Store, Google Play Store Submission, ASO) 

4. Network Security

  • Cybersecurity (Threat Analysis, Risk Management) 
  • Penetration Testing (Vulnerability Assessment, Ethical Hacking) 
  • Security Audits (Compliance, Policy Reviews) 
  • Incident Response (Detection, Recovery) 
  • Data Encryption (Protocols, Secure Storage) 
  • Network Monitoring (IDS, Traffic Analysis) 
  • Firewall Management (Configuration, Monitoring) 

5. Cloud Computing

  • Infrastructure Setup (Virtual Machines, Networking) 
  • Migration (Data, Application) 
  • Security (IAM, Data Protection) 
  • DevOps (CI/CD, IaC) 
  • Storage Solutions (Object, File Storage) 
  • Disaster Recovery (Backup Solutions, Recovery Planning) 
  • Serverless Computing (FaaS, Event-Driven Architecture) 

6. Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

  • Model Development (Machine Learning, Deep Learning) 
  • Algorithms (Supervised, Unsupervised Learning) 
  • Natural Language Processing (Text Analysis, Speech Recognition) 
  • Computer Vision (Image, Video Analysis) 
  • Data Analysis (Cleaning, Visualization) 
  • Predictive Analytics (Forecasting, Trend Analysis) 
  • AI Integration (Business Processes, AI-Powered Applications) 

7. E-commerce Solutions

  • Website Development (Platform Selection, Custom Development) 
  • Payment Gateway Integration (Processors, Security Compliance) 
  • Shopping Cart Solutions (Customization, Abandoned Cart Recovery) 
  • Inventory Management (Stock Tracking, Order Fulfillment) 
  • E-commerce Analytics (Sales Tracking, Customer Behavior Analysis) 
  • CRM (Software Integration, Customer Segmentation)

8. Design & Creative Services

  • Graphic Design (Logo, Marketing Materials) 
  • Video Production and Editing (Storyboarding, Post-Production) 
  • Motion Graphics (Animation, Visual Effects) 
  • Copywriting (Website Copy, Ad Copy) 
  • Content Strategy (Planning, Distribution) 
  • Branding and Identity Design (Guidelines, Visual Identity) 

9. IT Consulting and Support

  • Strategy Consulting (Roadmaps, Budgeting) 
  • Project Management (Agile, Waterfall Methodologies) 
  • Technical Support (Help Desk, Remote Support) 
  • Managed IT Services (Outsourcing, Network Management) 
  • Infrastructure Management (Server, Network Administration) 
  • ERP Solutions (Implementation, Customization) 

10. Game Development

  • Design (Concept Development, Storyboarding) 
  • Development (Programming: Unity, Unreal Engine; Level Design) 
  • Art and Animation (2D Art, 3D Modeling, Animation) 
  • Testing (Beta Testing, QA) 
  • Deployment (Platform Submission, Post-Launch Support) 

11. Outsourcing Services

  • Business Process Outsourcing (Customer Service, Technical Support) 
  • IT Outsourcing (Software Development, Network Management) 
  • HR Outsourcing (Recruitment Services, Payroll Management) 
  • Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (Bookkeeping, Financial Analysis) 
  • Marketing Outsourcing (Campaign Management, Social Media Management) 

12. Accounting

  • Bookkeeping (Daily Transactions, Ledger Maintenance) 
  • Financial Reporting (Monthly Reports, Annual Statements) 
  • Auditing (Internal Audits, Compliance Checks) 
  • Payroll Management (Salary Processing, Tax Deductions) 
  • Tax Accounting (Tax Filing, Tax Compliance) 

13. Taxation

  • Tax Preparation (Individual, Corporate) 
  • Tax Planning (Strategies, Deductions) 
  • Tax Compliance (Regulatory Filings, Penalty Avoidance) 
  • Tax Law Advisory (Consultation, Legal Advice) 
  • Corporate Tax Services (Business Tax Strategy, Compliance) 

14. Legal Services

  • Legal Consulting (Advisory, Strategy) 
  • Contract Law (Drafting, Review) 
  • Corporate Law (Business Formation, Compliance) 
  • Intellectual Property Law (Trademarks, Patents) 
  • Litigation Support (Case Preparation, Representation) 

15. Consultations

  • Business Consulting (Growth Strategies, Market Analysis) 
  • Management Consulting (Operational Efficiency, Leadership) 
  • Strategic Planning (Long-term Goals, Roadmaps) 
  • Financial Consulting (Investment Advice, Risk Management) 
  • IT Consulting (Technology Solutions, System Integration) 

16. Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering (Design, Manufacturing) 
  • Civil Engineering (Construction, Infrastructure) 
  • Electrical Engineering (Circuit Design, Power Systems) 
  • Software Engineering (Application Development, System Architecture) 
  • Chemical Engineering (Process Design, Product Development) 

17. Architecture

  • Architectural Design (Residential, Commercial) 
  • Urban Planning (City Development, Zoning) 
  • Landscape Architecture (Parks, Gardens) 
  • Interior Design (Space Planning, Decor) 
  • Construction Management (Project Coordination, Site Supervision) 

18. Coaching

  • Life Coaching (Personal Growth, Goal Setting) 
  • Business Coaching (Entrepreneurship, Strategy) 
  • Executive Coaching (Leadership Development, Performance Improvement) 
  • Career Coaching (Job Search, Career Transition) 
  • Personal Development Coaching (Skills Enhancement, Confidence Building) 

19. Human Resources (HR)

  • Recruitment (Talent Sourcing, Interviewing) 
  • Employee Onboarding (Training, Orientation) 
  • Performance Management (Appraisals, Feedback Systems) 
  • Compensation and Benefits (Salary Structure, Health Benefits) 
  • Employee Relations (Conflict Resolution, Compliance) 

20. Financial Planning

  • Investment Management (Portfolio Strategy, Asset Allocation) 
  • Retirement Planning (401(k) Management, Pension Plans) 
  • Wealth Management (Estate Planning, Tax Optimization) 
  • Risk Management (Insurance Planning, Risk Assessment) 
  • Budgeting and Forecasting (Expense Management, Financial Projections) 

21. Healthcare Services

  • Medical Consulting (Diagnosis, Treatment Plans) 
  • Telemedicine (Remote Consultations, Virtual Care) 
  • Healthcare Administration (Hospital Management, Policy Compliance) 
  • Health Coaching (Lifestyle Advice, Wellness Programs) 
  • Medical Billing and Coding (Insurance Claims, Patient Billing) 

22. Event Planning

  • Corporate Events (Conferences, Trade Shows) 
  • Social Events (Weddings, Parties) 
  • Event Coordination (Venue Selection, Vendor Management) 
  • Event Marketing (Promotion, Publicity) 
  • On-Site Management (Logistics, Staff Coordination) 

23. Education and Training

  • Curriculum Development (Course Design, Syllabus Creation) 
  • E-learning Solutions (Online Courses, Webinars) 
  • Corporate Training (Employee Development, Workshops) 
  • Educational Consulting (School Improvement, Policy Advice) 
  • Tutoring Services (Subject-Specific Tutoring, Test Prep) 

24. Public Relations (PR)

  • Media Relations (Press Releases, Media Outreach) 
  • Crisis Management (Reputation Management, Communication Strategy) 
  • Event PR (Publicity, Press Coverage) 
  • Influencer Engagement (Partnerships, Sponsorships) 
  • Corporate Communications (Internal Communications, Stakeholder Engagement) 

25. Market Research

  • Consumer Insights (Surveys, Focus Groups) 
  • Competitive Analysis (Market Positioning, SWOT Analysis) 
  • Product Research (Concept Testing, Product Development) 
  • Trend Analysis (Market Trends, Forecasting) 
  • Data Analysis (Statistical Analysis, Reporting) 

26. Sustainability Consulting

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) (Project Evaluation, Compliance) 
  • Sustainable Business Practices (Green Policies, Corporate Responsibility) 
  • Energy Efficiency Consulting (Audits, Optimization) 
  • Waste Management Consulting (Recycling Programs, Waste Reduction) 
  • Sustainability Reporting (CSR Reports, Performance Metrics) 

27. Real Estate Services

  • Property Management (Tenant Relations, Maintenance) 
  • Real Estate Consulting (Market Analysis, Investment Advice) 
  • Commercial Real Estate (Office Spaces, Retail Locations) 
  • Residential Real Estate (Buying, Selling, Renting) 
  • Real Estate Development (Project Planning, Construction) 

28. Customer Service

  • Call Center Services (Inbound, Outbound Support) 
  • Help Desk Support (Technical Assistance, Troubleshooting) 
  • Customer Experience Management (CX) (Feedback Systems, Loyalty Programs) 
  • Complaint Resolution (Issue Tracking, Resolution Strategies) 
  • Customer Success Management (Onboarding, Retention) 

Customer Acquisition Methods

We start our BYB program by creating a new brand from scratch and fulfilling all branding requirements. This includes the website, social presence, case studies, landing pages, forms, and all other digital elements needed before we can start targeting the market to acquire leads.  

This process usually takes around 2 -3 months. 

Primarily, we will utilize the following methods of customer acquisition for your business. We might use one or a combination of two or more based on the niche and target market. 

1. Platform

1. Upwork
2. Online Marketplaces and Directories

2. Paid Ads

1. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads
2. Social Platform Video Ads

3. Content Marketing

1. Blogging
2. YouTube Videos
3. On-Page SEO, Local SEO Listings
4. Organic Social Media Posts

4. Email

1. Lead Magnet-Based Email Marketing (E-books, Whitepapers)
2. Cold Email Outreach (Personalized Campaigns, Follow-Up Sequences)
3. Freemium Models (Free Services with Upsell Options, Trial Periods)

With a budget of $2,000 per month plus platform costs, the timeframe for generating leads and starting to talk to prospects can vary depending on the chosen methods. Here’s a general guideline: 


  • Timeframe: 1-2 weeks to start bidding and getting responses. 
  • Explanation: Upwork can yield faster results as you directly bid on relevant projects. Building a profile with good reviews can help accelerate this process. Initial bids might take a week or two to start seeing responses and engagements from potential clients. 

PPC Campaigns

  • Timeframe: 2-4 weeks to start seeing consistent leads. 
  • Explanation: Setting up and optimizing PPC campaigns (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads) typically requires a couple of weeks for proper configuration, keyword research, ad creation, and optimization. Initial leads might start coming in within the first week, but consistent and quality leads usually take 2-4 weeks as the campaigns get optimized. 

Combined Approach

Using a combination of Upwork and PPC campaigns can balance the lead generation process: 

1. First Month: 

  • Allocate part of the budget to start bidding on Upwork immediately while simultaneously setting up PPC campaigns. 
  • Expect to start getting responses on Upwork within 1-2 weeks. 
  • PPC campaigns might start generating initial leads in 2-3 weeks. 

2. Second Month: 

  • Optimize PPC campaigns based on the first month’s performance data. 
  • Continue active bidding and engagement on Upwork. 
  • Leads from PPC campaigns should become more consistent, and responses from Upwork should also improve as your profile builds credibility. 


  • Upwork: 1-2 weeks to start engaging with prospects. 
  • PPC Campaigns: 2-4 weeks to start seeing consistent leads. 

Combining both approaches ensures a steady stream of leads and allows for continuous optimization of both methods to maximize lead generation within the $2,000 + Ad Spend monthly budget. 

Expected Costs

The expected cost of the program till the point of breaking even is $12,000 – $15,000 and the time required is 4 to 6 months. However, in certain cases, it can take longer and cost a little more. 

Breaking even refers to when the business no longer needs more funding to operate.  

The business may require more funding to grow. This could come from external sources or by repurposing the profits the business generates. 

We recommend arranging the entire amount in advance to avoid any disruptions to the flow and momentum of the business after launch. 

We also recommend planning out this expense based on your savings and monthly earnings. 

Because all businesses have risks and these figures are estimates, we do not recommend borrowing money to participate in the program.  

Usually, the business starts making a profit in the 4-7-month range.  

Partners can expect the business to make around $2,000 – $5,000 thousand dollars from the 5th month onwards and can expect to start reaching the $10,000 a month mark in about 10 – 12 months after launch. 

To grow beyond $10,000 a month in profits, we need revenue greater than $30,000 a month. When our partners reach this stage, we sit down with them to explore how their business can scale up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in monthly revenue. 

The Marsons Defining Edge

Apart from the Concierge, the meticulously crafted content in the BYB platform, and the BYB program itself, Media @ Marsons boasts an impressive portfolio of partnerships, collaborations, networks, and brands that enable it to offer support for your business like no other ecosystem in the market. 

Through this ecosystem, Marsons has generated and delivered millions of dollars on digital product and services sales to more than 60 countries and to thousands of customers since starting in 2021.