Marsons Business Concierge

Experience a market defining support system for business that has enabled hundreds of businesses to scale, make more money from the same revenues, and further strengthen their market presence.

Marsons Business Concierge is an all-in-one support system for service-based businesses who can benefit from outsourcing part of their operations, whether as processes or as resource numbers, to an established organization with strong compliance and service delivery systems.

Our partners can expect the following benefits when using the Marsons Business Concierge service:

Increased profits from same
revenue pools

Access to better resources at a
fraction of local hiring costs

Constant support from
highly sophisticated and robust compliance systems

Impeccable efficiency in
service delivery from advanced QA/QC protocols

Categories of Services

Marsons Business Concierge is suitable for all business types that provide services such as:

Digital Marketing

  • SEO: On-Page, Off-Page, Technical, Local 
  • PPC: Google Ads, Social Media Ads, Display Advertising, Retargeting 
  • Content Marketing: Blog Writing, Video Content, Infographics, E-books/Whitepapers 
  • Social Media Marketing: Strategy, Management, Advertising, Community Engagement 
  • Email Marketing: Strategy, Design, List Management, Reporting 

Web and Mobile App Development

  • Web Development: Front End (HTML/CSS, JavaScript), Backend (Server-Side Languages, Databases) 
  • Mobile Development: iOS (Swift, Objective-C), Android (Java, Kotlin), Cross-Platform (React Native, Flutter) 
  • UI/UX Design: Responsive Design, Interface Design, User Experience Testing 
  • Quality Control: Manual Testing, Automated Testing, Bug Tracking 
  • Deployment: CI/CD, Hosting, App Store Submission, Server Management 

Network Security and IT Support

  • Cybersecurity: Threat Analysis, Risk Management 
  • Penetration Testing: Vulnerability Assessment, Ethical Hacking 
  • Incident Response: Detection, Recovery 
  • Data Encryption: Protocols, Secure Storage 
  • IT Consulting: Strategy, Roadmaps, Technical Support 

Cloud Computing and AI/ML

  • Infrastructure Setup: Virtual Machines, Networking 
  • Migration: Data, Application 
  • Security: IAM, Data Protection 
  • DevOps: CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) 
  • AI & ML Integration: Model Development, Algorithms, Data Analysis, Business Process Integration 

E-commerce Solutions

  • Website Development: Platform Selection, Custom Development 
  • Payment Integration: Processors, Security Compliance 
  • Shopping Cart Solutions: Customization, Abandoned Cart Recovery 
  • Inventory Management: Stock Tracking, Order Fulfillment 
  • E-commerce Analytics: Sales Tracking, Customer Behavior Analysis 

Design and Creative Services

  • Graphic Design: Logo, Marketing Materials 
  • Video Production: Storyboarding, Post-Production 
  • Motion Graphics: Animation, Visual Effects 
  • Copywriting: Website Copy, Ad Copy 
  • Branding: Strategy, Identity, Messaging 

Consulting and Outsourcing Services

  • Business Consulting: Growth Strategies, Market Analysis 
  • IT Outsourcing: Software Development, Network Management 
  • HR Outsourcing: Recruitment Services, Payroll Management 
  • Financial Consulting: Investment Advice, Risk Management 
  • Marketing Outsourcing: Campaign Management, Social Media Management 

Legal and Financial Services

  • Legal Consulting: Advisory, Strategy 
  • Contract Law: Drafting, Review 
  • Accounting: Bookkeeping, Financial Reporting, Auditing, Payroll Management 
  • Taxation: Preparation, Planning, Compliance, Advisory 
  • Financial Planning: Investment Management, Retirement Planning, Wealth Management 

Specialized Services

  • Healthcare Services: Medical Consulting, Telemedicine, Administration, Health Coaching 
  • Event Planning: Corporate Events, Social Events, Coordination, Marketing 
  • Education and Training: Curriculum Development, E-learning, Corporate Training, Tutoring 
  • Public Relations (PR): Media Relations, Crisis Management, Event PR, Influencer Engagement 
  • Market Research: Consumer Insights, Competitive Analysis, Product Research, Trend Analysis 

The Marsons Business Concierge Process

We start with an initiation call to determine the suitability of your business with our program. We talk about how best our systems can support your existing revenues and help you scale. We explain how our service enables you to produce more profit from the same revenue pool and our systems can accelerate your growth in the market. 

During the call we will also explore your business’s short-term and long-term goals, your OKRs, quarterly and yearly revenue performance and targets, and the overall performance of your operations and/or sales. 

Once we collectively reach a stage where we both feel confident about exploring the service further, we start with a trial period. 

This trial is heavily monitored by our internal compliance team for suitability, performance, operational effeminacy and value addition to your business.  

During the trial, we have multiple 1-on-1 calls to report progress, take your feedback, and expand the operational base to increasingly efficient service delivery for your business.  

Payment System

This service operates on a prepaid credit system. Our partners acquire credits in advance based on the expected flow of their sales and service contracts. We deliver the services for their clients against available credits. Partners can acquire more credits at any time if their sales increase at a higher-than-expected rate.

The concierge service also exists to offer support to your business in any way it may need to function, scale, and handle unanticipated risks.

Partners can acquire credits in multiples of $500.